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The power line is a building found in the manual age and currently one of the 3 buildings that carries power , the other being utility poles and transmission towers. It takes up a 1x1 spot on the grid and is mainly used in the early to mid stages of the game. It relatively cheap and easy to craft.

Appearance Edit

The power line is a long wooden pole with a power box on the top with a symbol that will turn yellow when it is connected to a power. It will form lines when it is connected to a power line, utility pole, or transmission tower unless blocked by another building.

Obtaining the Power Line Edit

The power line is researched in the coal plant for 100 coal and is crafted with 3 wood and 1 wire. It is also used in the windmill crafting recipe. The raw materials for the power line is 3 wood and 1 copper ingot.

Using the Power Line Edit

Read power for more info.

Power lines when placed, will have a visible range of 7x7, meaning it can stretch 3 tiles on each side. For two power lines to be connected, the squares of two power lines must be touching each other.

M Power Line Connection 2

Two power lines connected to each other.

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